Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Wrapping Kits: The Fabulous Easy Way Out

I adore the gift wrapping ideas from those crafty DIY bloggers.  I'm envious that they have the inspiration and energy to come up with such pretty packaging.  I admit some of their ideas are actually easy enough that I would contemplate trying, but then the voice in my head says, "who are you kidding"?     My on-going dilemma for the perfect gift wrap came to a screeching halt the other night.  I stumbled across these gift wrapping kits on Etsy and knew they were the answer!  My lazy, uncreative side gave a huge sigh of relief.  While you do spend some extra cash on these beauties, for me it's worth it for the gifts you really want to shine.

brown kraft box
brown kraft box

Christmas Holiday Gift Wrap Kit
Christmas Holiday Gift Wrap Kit

For more amazing ideas go to Etsy for some holiday gift wrapping genius.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Wonders: Pinterest Board

This is such a magical time of year. Despite it's materialistic reputation I can't help but get excited deep down to my core about Christmas. I know it's all rooted in my childhood; the school parties, picking out gifts for my family, making cookies, waiting for Santa, the suspense of Christmas morning, ( I could go on). It all comes back to me with that first Christmas carol of the season. While I admit my own house is not decorated to the nines, mostly because we're headed back East for the 25th, I do love a house filled with garland, tinsel and the scent of pine. Check out my pinterest board winter wonders for some gorgeous snippets of decorating inspiration for the season.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goods That Give: The Doitung Project

I stumbled upon the Diotung Project while in Bangkok, Thailand.   They sell clothing, bags, scarves, coffee, teas sets, pottery and all done with modern designs.  They even launched a line of ready-to-wear high end fashion.  After reading their bio at the store I realized what an important  movement they are helping promote.  Dio Tung is a company funded by the United Nation's Office on Drugs and Crime in partnership with the Thai government and Royal Family.  Their mission is to create a drug free world through sustainable development that does not involve the production and growth of illegal substances.  In Thailand in the Dio Tung mountains, which are located in the Chiang Rai providence in the north, a main source of income is the farming of poppies.  These poppies are not your "garden variety" in the backyard, but rather used to make opium and thus have fueled the drug trade for centuries.  This foundation is a means of abolishing the drug activity, as well as the prostitution and poverty that goes along with it.
Here's the catch: while they have an active and updated website in English is does not look like they are currently selling their goods online (What!)  At this time the merchandise is sold at various locations in Thailand such as Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok.  Despite this major problem for everyone not in Thailand I still felt it worth sharing.  Go to the website to see how you can help and if you are ever in Thailand seek out Diotung!

   Diotung runway fashion

Coffee Drinks at their shops 
Coffee Bean Slush forweb1

 Hill tribes collaborating with Diotung Project
dio tung

The adorable makeup bag I purchased at their store
diotung bag

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Home for Objects of Intrigue

Dear Reader,

Objects of Intrigue has moved to my new website.  Please stop by and check out the fresh look and blog posts!  Unfortunately, if you are a follower on this site you have to rejoin on my new one and I would so appreciate it if you do!  


Here's the link!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Amazingly Elegant Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces

Bridal jewelry can be so specific to the big day and therefore virtually unusable after the wedding dress comes off.  On my search I found some lovely pieces I would absolutely wear countless times whether it be a dressy occasion or otherwise.

Mary Grace Jewelry


Fleur de Lee

My Little Bride

divine rose

Plumed Serpent

Plumed Serpent

Plumed Serpent

Rachel Design Co

Favorite Jewelry

made by moe

All Things Tinsel

Down East Attic

Do you have any favorite jewelry designers that create vintage pieces?  I'd love to know so pass the names along!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moss and Moss: A Mill Valley Gem

Moss and Moss is a charming antique store in Mill Valley, California.  I stumbled upon it while visiting the town for dinner.  It is in the same 1920s Spanish style building as El Paseo, a restaurant owned by chef Tyler Florence and exVan Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar.  I saw the antique sign (pictured below) and walked through a dimly lit wandering alley in search of the store.  I hesitated when I saw the alley had become a restaurant and then realized where I was.  El Paseo extends through various rooms and courtyards off of the alley in a truly unique fashion.  At the end Moss and Moss was waiting.  Immediately I loved the eclectic and curious selection of antiques within.  There was even a piano player adding soft melodies to my browsing.  Definitely a place to stop at either before of after dinner at El Paseo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Fever- New Etsy Antiquities

There are few things that I find more fun than treasure hunting for vintage home decor and taking pictures of the goods to share with you!  The process takes a little patience and elbow grease when it comes to polishing and dusting off of these lovely items.  Next, buying a bouquet of gorgeous flowers helps me set the mood of my very primitive and novice photo shoot.  Finally, I upload the pictures to my computer and do some very basic editing.  I'm feeling like a photography class is in my future!   

These antique, French, cast iron frames are my absolute favorite of the bunch.  They came from a French family and are such beautiful examples of Edwardian style from the turn of the last century.  I put vintage pages of a Shakespeare play in the frames and love the way they turned out.  While I was contemplating keeping them for myself or giving them as a Mother's Day gift they sold!  Oh well, I hope the new owner find as much enjoyment out of them as I did.